by Fiordmoss

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Tigermy 03:41
Paperfly, tigermy The butterbox is closing now Slide aside the blackprint type For some money I play the harp On the isle a hill I find Up I climb and decide Paperfly, tigermy Bright white through the valley shines All the cords that used to bind Paperflies down to the ground Vanished now with a scissors sound Or was it a tiger bite? Dark of taints and sour rain Melt in vapor the tinker train Folding mind like origami Unrecognized even by me Paperfly tigermy Which dress are you wearing now?
It's a cold night Cold night A gown for a bride Hangs down Maria, you haunt me I hear how you call me This cold night awaits me Completes me, you can't blame me Maria, your eyes are So glassy yet hazy Maria, your bones are being strung on piano wires Maria, excuse me But understand, you can't leave me I gave you new skin I wrapped you in silk I encased you in me I did comb your wig This cold night leaves Cold waxen traces
Let's move out of the Earth now Because it's very wounded Shall we find a new home Out there a few light years further back They wrote about a place Where all the diamonds melt Our rocket softly touched down This home feels bizarre Mirror mountains flashing through The haze soaring from the land Our eyes now adapt Blind gemstones they are Sparkling diamond sea Imagine sailing Among the icebergs Floating in you
One little, two little, Three little stabs. Four little, five little, Six little stabs. Seven little, eight little, Nine little stabs, Ten little, eleven little, Twelve little stabs. Thirteen little, fourteen little, Fifteen little stabs. Sixteen little stabs are in me.
Miss Tate 05:39
I don't get why you killed me I don't get this mess Sixteen stabs were way too many to handle for both of us I don't get why you killed me I don't care I don't care that you killed me I'm not there A few words ran through the air I spat them out in despair None of them reached their aim For you licked my blood of your hands There's no time for Miss Tate There's no time left Toying with the shiny knife as if to cut the baby out But it's too late for Miss Tate There is no time to play No one else here, hold her well now it's time to slay So quiet you could almost hear The sound of ice rattling In cocktail shakers in the houses Way down the canyon Your suffocating voice Your delirious thoughts Of how can it not be right When it's done with love
Your Face 04:19
I was thinking about your face Rolling up the river I was worried what you thought And I'm sorry if I can't remember But there's no time for crying Only time for trying now I remember your name 'Cause you sang it to me often I was lying down beside The river where we met And now you face is hiding something Something is burning And I'm gonna wait for you I've got to send this tape to you And I'm gonna wait for you 'Cause I know something about you Something about the things you do Something about your voice That reams in the good stars It reams in the good stars There's a road that follows everywhere you go I stole your golden chaser But I never meant to steal Its not in my nature But if you try again I'll fall And if you want to save it all Then all you have to do is give Give me that look again Give me that look 'Cause I'm gonna wait for you I've got to send this tape to you And I'm gonna wait for you


released December 20, 2010


all rights reserved



Fiordmoss Berlin, Germany

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